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Welcome to the Nan Downing Gallery.


As many of you know, I have been on a three year hiatus exploring, learning and growing.  I have met many extraordinary new friends. Thank you for all your support , laughter and encouragement.


 Each new piece of the 2008-2009 collection is indicative of each of your evolving energies and vibrations and all of the vast places, events and experiences I have shared with many.  My sincere appreciation and gratefullness to all my good friends who have opened their homes, hearts and minds to look beyond representational. You are an inspiration.

Behind the Scenes of My Art

My intentions as an artist are of great significance to me. Through the means of expression and contemplation I create art to visually enhance, stimulate, inspire and expand individual imagination.  Inspired by the simple complexities of nature, the sciences and human behavior,  I passionately experiment with the "sense of essence" in my work.  Utilizing an uninhibited approach and ferocious focus, I lavishly dabble with the spontaneous and controlled explosion of color, shape, line, and space to create a relationship of synchronicity and juxtaposition - - -A symphony of visual content .

New work produced monthly.

For those of you who appreciate my artwork and would like to see more, please send me your information and I will update you each month on new pieces and on the upcoming new book.  Please go to my Guestbook or email me at

Thank you for visiting my art site.  Please check back for future new work consisting of photographs,wood block prints and sculpture.

My clients range from corporate to private collectors in California, Texas, and Illinois.
Please feel free to contact me for additional information and photos of current work.
Nan Downing
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